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Heal Within

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Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed Healing

45min - $88   60min - $111

45min with reiki infusion - $111   60min with reiki infusion $133

How The Crystal Bed Works

The crystal bed works with five sets of conditions:

1.Entrainment (chronobiology, biomusicology, binaural beats)


3.Frequency (light, sound, magnetics)



The en-trainment process is incorporated through all the aspects of the bed. The vibrations, frequencies, scalar, and intention all work together in en-training your cells. When you make a intention and get on the bed, the crystals are aligned in co-creation with your divine intelligence. The Scalar energy developed through sound, light, magnetics, and crystal all assist in the co-creation process. The different frequencies generated are designed to support your bed session.

If i can put the workings of the bed into one sentence, this would be it:

"The five conditions for DNA replication are meet so a beneficial, lasting change can occur within the multidimensional cellular structure."

I would say that the bed doesn't heal but instead greatly increases the potential for the bodies own ability to heal. If we increase the homeostasis of the body, then the body can operate at a higher efficiency, thus healing itself. We do this through a conglomerate of energy systems such as: light, sound, magnetic, and higher order (quantum) mechanics.

We believe the most important aspect to this equation is the person's intentions or what they want and believe prior

to a treatment.

By using key elements of how DNA instructs cells to behave, we have developed a system where it piggybacks the information being sent to cells. The information being sent is like the Hippocratic oath (do no harm) and is simply boosting the internal systems through the above mentioned ways. But how does all this stuff work together?

Let's start with how the DNA works on a 1/2 science, 1/2 spiritual basis.

DNA needs to meet a few conditions before it can actually start to work.

1.Magnetism. DNA is a coiled ladder not a straight twist. Once we understand this concept, we can understand that it sends electrical current from the heart to drive the magnetic response.

2.Frequency. DNA and the cells need vibrations and frequencies to know which chemicals to use. It responds to the frequencies around it .

3.Light DNA & mitochondria need Light in order to generate ATP in the cells. The fuel that drives the cellular function.

4.UV Light DNA responds best to scalar photonic stimulation from ultraviolet radiation.

5.Intention The secret is out. If you don't have intention, none of this works well. Your stuck in the 3D model getting cues from low vibrations and using cells that have photocopied themselves so much, they no longer function well.

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